National Donor Sabbath

Every year, National Donor Sabbath is celebrated two weekends before Thanksgiving. This is a time for congregations of all faiths and beliefs to celebrate the most selfless gift there is--organ donation.

This year, National Donor Sabbath Weekend will be observed November 13-15, but you can choose any weekend to shed light on this event. This is an opportunity for the faith-based community to explore how organ donation can enhance their spiritual mission. We hope that you will choose to observe National Donor Sabbath to help your members make informed life decisions and help turn heartbreak into hope. Choosing to become an organ donor reflects one’s deepest beliefs regarding the sanctity and importance of life.

You can participate in this weekend in a number of different ways by choosing whatever type of activity works best for your congregation.

Below are a few ideas of how to incorporate the Donor Sabbath message into your service, and there are more resources included in our Donor Sabbath Resource Guide.


Helpful Resources

Common Misconceptions About Organ Donation and Religion

For more Donor Sabbath ideas to incorporate into your church services, click here.

Donor Sabbath Flyer

Organ Donor Awareness Flyer

All About Your Heart Video (4 min. 25 sec.)

Help and Hope Video (2 min.)

For more information on National Donor Sabbath and ways to be involved, please contact or 901-684-1697.

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