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August 16, 2017

Advocates for federal tax deductions and credits suggest the lack of financial compensation for donors may be responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths. Evidence indicates that living donors in the United States experience significant financial costs.  At the National Foundation for Transplants, we see our patients and their potential living donors struggle with this reality.  Read about our Living Donor Program on this site.

July 13, 2017
Ericka & Joe

When an impromptu conversation leads to a perfect match.

An impromptu conversation with an old friend during church service one Sunday, led to the perfect match of a donor and recipient who needed a kidney transplant. Joe Mosqeda entered the church and decided to sit next to long-time, family friend, Ericka Hughes-Hale. While waiting on service to start, Ericka casually turned to Joe and asked about his blood type?

Michelle Gilchrist, NFT President

Andy Meek of The Daily News sits down with NFT president, Michelle Gilchrist, to talk about NFT's future expansion plans.  Gilchrist discusses the next chapter for the organization and the rebranding efforts which will lead to NFT becoming more visible in the community.  "The big work we want to be able to do is going to require more than just us doing it. That’s just the reality,” Gilchrist said.

Teddy Reid

At his mom’s 20-week ultrasound, doctors could see there was a problem with Teddy Reid's kidneys, but they couldn’t tell how severe the problem was. When he was just six days old, Teddy’s parents learned he was in kidney failure and would need a kidney transplant. Although he is on the transplant waiting list, he cannot receive his transplant until he gains enough weight to sustain the operation.

JK Lee

In 2010, while on a songwriting trip in New York, JK Lee developed a sudden aortic tear that nearly cost him his life.

May 14, 2012

In 2010, Cindi Love donated a kidney to save the life of a total stranger—and she didn’t think twice about doing it! She first became interested in being an organ donor after watching her nephew Ken suffer from diabetes from a very young age. When she learned Ken needed a kidney transplant, she went through the testing process in hopes of being his donor, but she wasn’t a perfect match.

January 31, 2012

The following article is from The Washington Post:

Tom Brady hopes that Tom Martinez, his personal quarterback coach, can soon find the kidney he needs for a transplant.

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