• Happy new birthday to you! We're so excited for the NFT patients who received transplants last month!

  • April is National Donate Life Month, a time to celebrate those who have given the selfless gift of organ donation. If you're not yet an organ donor, please take some time to consider registering. Just one organ donor can save eight lives and impact more than 50. Visit DonateLife.net to learn how to register in your state.

    Also, be sure to take a...

  • Arbedale Pryor

    In 2009, Arbedale was hospitalized and nearly lost her life, as her kidneys were functioning at just 7%.

    She has since been diagnosed with a blood disorder that has damaged her kidneys, and doctors now say a kidney transplant is essential. While awaiting her transplant, she endures regular dialysis treatments, which take a toll on her survival.

    This has...

  • Happy new birthday to you! Everyone at NFT is thrilled for the patients who received their transplants last month!

  • Chris Johnson

    When he was just 10 years old, Chris Johnson received the shocking diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome after his mom took him to the pediatrician because of a swollen leg.

    As it turned out, the swelling had been caused by a blood clot. Thanks to medication and careful monitoring, he was able to live out a normal childhood, but his parents were told that his kidneys...

  • Photo courtesy of Middletown Transcript

    Two years ago, when he was a sophomore in high school, Emmanuel Ojewoye, heard “Heart Song” by Christian artist KB. The song featured artist Jasmine Le’Shea, who received a heart transplant at age 11.

    After hearing the song and listening to an interview with Jasmine, he was shocked by how financially...

  • These NFT patients received life-changing transplants last month. We wish them the very best in their recoveries!

  • Carter Durbin

    At birth, Carter was diagnosed with branchio-oto-renal syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that has caused hearing loss and an underdeveloped kidney that only functions at 20%. Doctors say a kidney transplant is necessary.

    Like any little boy, Carter likes to spend as much time playing as possible. He loves sports, karate, visiting the beach with his family and...

  • These patients are starting out the new year with a new lease on life Happy New Birthday to you!

  • Niki Glass

    In January of 2014, Niki was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with sudden cardiac artery dissection after going into cardiac arrest.

    This came as quite a shock, as she had never experienced any heart issues, nor is it hereditary. Doctors say a heart transplant is essential to her survival.

    While awaiting her transplant, Niki will continue to stay in...