• Oftentimes, our patients must relocate to be closer to their transplant center before and after receiving a transplant. Relocation can be difficult for patients, not only because of the soaring costs of travel, lodging, food and the needs of their caregivers, but also because of the emotional toll from being...

  • Organ Donors in the U.S.

    October 29, 2008

    In 2007, the number of organ donors across the country was double the amount in 1988. The increase in organ donors is great news, but there's still work to be done! Certain regions in the country have far fewer donors than others.

    For example, the New England region had 257 donors last year, while the Southern region had more than 1,000 donors.

    With more than 100,000 people currently awaiting transplants in the U.S., we desperately need to remind people in our...

  • Our goal at NFT is to help every patient have a successful campaign, whether they have one big event or a few small fundraisers. Here are some tips for success!

    • Stay committed and enthusiastic.
    • Thank contributors and volunteers.
    • Ask for help in person.
    • Meet regularly so everyone can stay focused.
    • Use a newsletter to keep everyone informed.
    • Advertise and attract attention. Take advantage of community resources, such...
  • In the spring of 2005, Wayne Carter was diagnosed with alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a frightening diagnosis that affects two of Wayne's sisters and has already claimed the life of another sister. It wasn't long before his doctor found it necessary to place Wayne on the transplant waiting list at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta in need of a liver transplant. Wayne is determined to...

  • Fundraising Tips

    October 21, 2008

    As campaign volunteers plan fundraising events for a friend or loved one's transplant, it is important to remember to keep things fresh and try new ideas. Special events can range from simple activities, such as a car wash or garage sale; to complex events that require months of planning, such as a golf tournament or silent auction.In addition to raising money, fundraisers can:

    • Raise awareness about the needs of transplant patients.
    • Inform the public about organ and bone...
  • According to UNOS, 100,299 patients are currently awaiting a transplant. More than 70% of those patients need kidney transplants, and over 15% need a liver transplant in hopes of regaining a normal, healthy life.

    So far, more than 16,000 U.S. patients have received transplants in 2008. If more people were willing to donate, even more patients could have the transplant surgeries they need. Across the U.S., the number of organ donors has nearly...

  • It is hard to imagine that this vibrant 19-year-old girl was once fighting for her life, but it's true. In 1990, little 3-week-old Courtney Williams was diagnosed with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (Alpha-1), a rare disorder that can damage patients' lungs or liver. After discovering she had...

  • Do you know how costly a transplant can be?

    To say transplants are "expensive" is an incredible understatement. When patients hear the staggering amount of money they may be required to pay, it can be frightening to say the least. What is more frightening is the fact that money could stand in the way of an organ, bone marrow or stem cell transplant a patient desperately needs to stay alive. Many transplant centers require significant deposits before a patient can even be...

  • How NFT Helps

    October 2, 2008

    NFT has been helping transplant candidates and recipients with fundraising campaigns for 25 years. In the past 10 years alone, we have helped raise more than $26 million to assist patients with transplant-related expenses.


  • October Conferences

    September 30, 2008

    Are you a transplant professional? If you're attending either of the following conferences, stop by the NFT booth to learn about the services we could offer your patients. You'll also receive a birthday surprise to celebrate our 25th anniversary!

    • October 1-3: Transplant Financial Coordinators Association; Nashville, TN
    • October 23-25: Society of Transplant Social Workers; New Orleans, LA

    To learn more about NFT's services or to request...