An Unexpected Gift in the Midst of Tragedy

December 16, 2013

Larry was transplanted on Thanksgiving Day.

While we are all grateful for this gift, we would like everyone to know that throughout our journey we have always prayed for families of donors everywhere. The fact of this type of transplant is that someone dies, and someone lives. We have had family talks and provided information to friends and shared our feelings on organ donation with others. Little did we know that tragedy would strike within our own family.

Liz was our sons fiancée. She participated in our benefit held in March, and her family supported us both at the benefit and beyond. When she was in a head-on collision with severe brain damage, of course as a family, we prayed for her healing. When the doctors told her family that she had no brain activity and in fact was gone, they immediately began the organ donation process. We had no idea that a directed donation was possible. With heavy hearts, we accepted her gift to us and others, and her family’s selfless decision saved Larry’s life. He is doing very well post-transplant and getting better every day.

As we were told to expect, the expenses are crazy! Thank God for NFT and our wonderful friends and family supporting us as we continue our journey. Your donations have provided for Larry's increased medical expenses prior to transplant, the expense of recuperation close to the hospital, and medicines both prior to and after transplant. We are grateful to all of you and thank you for your continued support.

--The family of Larry Beal