Summer Fundraising Event Ideas

May 17, 2010

Rummage/Garage Sale


  • Gather as many rummage sale items as possible by asking for donations from the public. Some campaigns have asked for donations via Craigslist and Facebook.


  • Local businesses may allow you to have a rummage sale in their parking lot and may even match a portion of the funds raised!


  • Ask a local church or school to donate tables to display items.


  • Be sure to leave plenty of planning time to appropriately price and organize all the items.


  • Start early in the morning and have fun!
  • Take a stand for charity with SunKist!
    LemonAid for Life!

    Children can register with SunKist and designate NFT as their charity of choice. This is such a fun way for kids to get involved to raise funds for a friend or family member in need. On a hot day, a simple lemonade stand could see a lot of business!