She said I have two kidneys. You want one?

July 13, 2017
Ericka & Joe

When an impromptu conversation leads to a perfect match.

An impromptu conversation with an old friend during church service one Sunday, led to the perfect match of a donor and recipient who needed a kidney transplant. Joe Mosqeda entered the church and decided to sit next to long-time, family friend, Ericka Hughes-Hale. While waiting on service to start, Ericka casually turned to Joe and asked about his blood type?

Joe, who has been waiting on a match for years, responded that he was type A. Ericka whipped out her donor card and said she too was type A. Then she said, “I have two kidneys, you want one?” Joe struggled momentarily with an array of emotions before answering. “You should think about this and if you’re truly interested, I’ll send you the information from my transplant center,” he responded with cautious optimism.

Joe says he vividly remembers on that particular Sunday, the message delivered from the pulpit was, "If giving isn't affecting your life, then it's not giving in Christ’s eyes.”

Ericka made contact with the transplant center. They answered all her questions and she proceeded through the intake process and lab work. It was only after the results from the lab work came back that Joe and Ericka learned they were indeed a perfect match. One of their unique shared qualities is their PRA score of 0%. They also learned they are strictly A types.

On July 12, 2017, Joe will undergo his first surgical procedure in preparation for the transplant.

Joe’s story continues as he makes his way to a new beginning.  You can follow Joe’s story on his blog at