Seven reasons to be good to your kidneys

September 11, 2015

Here is some great information from Take good care of your kidneys because they’re trying to take good care of you!

One: The kidneys keep blood pressure from getting too low.

If blood pressure starts to drop, the kidneys will try to raise it. In the short term, raising blood pressure is a good thing, because if it’s too low, oxygen can’t reach the brain. But in the long term, high pressure can damage the kidney’s blood vessels.

Two: Kidneys maintain our watery internal environment.

If you drank a lot of water and your kidneys didn’t remove it from the blood, you would basically drown in fluid.

Three: Kidneys help protect us against anemia.

They produce a hormone called erythropoietin that leads to the produc­tion of red blood cells.

Four: Kidneys help protect our bones.

The kidneys have an enzyme that activates vitamin D. When you consume vitamin D or it’s made in the skin, it goes to the liver and then to the kidney, where it becomes the active form. The active form is important for absorbing calcium in the intestines, which helps to maintain bone health.

Five: The kidneys remove toxins and other waste products.

The kidneys’ job to get rid of almost anything that you ingest that gets absorbed into the bloodstream and that the body doesn’t need—say, extra salt, calcium, or phosphorus. Main­taining that balance is critical. Gets rid of urea, uric acid, toxins, and other wastes via urine.

Six: Kidneys maintain our acid-base balance.

They make sure that the body isn’t too acidic or two alkaline.

Seven: Kidneys protect our hearts.

They maintain a balance of electrolytes (like potassium, sodium, and calcium), which is critical for heart rhythm.