Riley Hospital for Children

January 27, 2009

Because NFT is fortunate enough to serve nearly 800 transplant patients, we see a variety of specific medical needs each day. In the United States, more than 250 transplant centers operate daily to provide patients with the special medical attention necessary for transplantation. Among those transplant centers, many offer specialized, unique services to their patients.


Indianapolis' Riley Hospital for Children is a transplant center with expertise in a very specialized area of heart and liver transplantation for children.


According to its Web site, Riley Hospital is the only center in Indiana that offers comprehensive evaluation, medical management and surgery for infants and children with heart disease.


In 1989, the first infant heart transplant in Indiana was performed at Riley Hospital for Children. Riley Hospital also boasts expertise in the area of the Berlin Heart, a device that pumps blood for a patient recovering from a heart transplant or awaiting a heart transplant, as well as the pediatric ventricular assist device (VAD).


More than 100 children have had liver transplants at Riley Hospital since 1988. As part of the Clarian Transplant Center, which is one of the nation's most highly ranked transplant centers, Riley Hospital doctors have performed 116 heart transplants on children and infants.