NFT Celebrates Its 27th Anniversary!

July 15, 2010

In 1983, three caring and compassionate women read about a young girl who needed a liver transplant but could not afford the procedure. These women--Mary Clouse, Liz Hull and Elise Waldheim--worked hard to raise funds for the transplant and related expenses, and their tireless dedication contributed to the patient´s successful transplant. And that’s how the Liver Organ Transplant Fund began.

Other transplant candidates soon began contacting them for assistance, and it became evident that transplant candidates across the country would benefit from such services. The organization became the Organ Transplant Fund to reflect the many different types of transplants represented.

In 1998, the board of directors voted to change the name to the National Foundation for Transplants to better convey the organization´s national reach and to clearly include patients needing tissue, bone marrow or other transplants.

What began as a local endeavor has evolved into an organization benefiting thousands of organ and tissue transplant candidates and recipients. NFT's fundraising campaigns have generated more than $56 million to assist patients during their transplant journey, and NFT assists more than 1,000 patients!

We look forward to many more years of helping transplant patients across the country raise the funds they need to receive a second chance at life.