New HeartMate II Pump is Latest Bridge to Life

February 19, 2010

Recently, USA Today featured an article about a new Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) explaining how the advancements of the machine may save even more lives.

The HeartMate II is the second in a series of pumps designed to sustain heart-failure patients until a donor heart becomes available.

A souped-up successor to the HeartMate I, which offered patients only a short-lived reprieve, the HeartMate II has revived a dream that a mechanical device may serve effectively as a "destination" therapy for patients who can't find a donor heart or may not survive a transplant.

At NFT, we can assist patients with their LVAD expenses, as well as many other transplant-related expenses.

Click here to read more about the HeartMate II in USA Today.