May Patient of the Month: Josh Bishop

Josh Bishop

In 2011, Josh Bishop had a rare allergic reaction to the antibiotic Cipro that caused irreversible damage to his liver. Doctors say a liver transplant is critical to his survival, and he hopes to be added to the transplant waiting list soon.

A loving husband to Stephanie, he hates that his health problems prevent them from being a normal couple. He’s so grateful for her unwavering support throughout these challenges, and he dreams of the day they can start a family together.

Despite these trying times, Josh maintains a positive attitude and relies on his loved ones and his faith to help him remain strong. He is overwhelmed by the idea that soon he will have the chance to start over, thanks to a generous organ donor. He can’t wait to feel well enough to resume his favorite outdoor activities of running, working in the yard, playing basketball and spending time with his dogs. More than anything, he dreams of becoming a father and living a long and healthy life with his family. But right now, he needs your help.

To read more about Josh or to make a donation to help with his transplant-related expenses, visit his web page on the NFT site.