March Patient of the Month: Teddy Reid

Teddy Reid

At his mom’s 20-week ultrasound, doctors could see there was a problem with Teddy Reid's kidneys, but they couldn’t tell how severe the problem was. When he was just six days old, Teddy’s parents learned he was in kidney failure and would need a kidney transplant. Although he is on the transplant waiting list, he cannot receive his transplant until he gains enough weight to sustain the operation.

For this precious boy, life can be tough. His little body is working so hard to stay alive, that he doesn’t have the energy left to grow or learn how to crawl, like other 1-year-olds. However, he does enjoy snuggling, listening to stories and a game of peek-a-boo.


Teddy’s mom, dad, big brother and big sister want nothing more than to see him feel better. It’s hard for the family to watch Teddy throw up multiple times every day, and it’s stressful for everyone when they’re separated days at a time due to his frequent hospitalizations. The Reid family looks forward to the day when Teddy is happy, healthy and able to run and play with his siblings. But right now, they need your help.

To read more about Teddy or to make a donation to NFT in his honor, please visit his personal fundraising page.