Letter from Daughter to Father

June 22, 2009

NFT patient Andy McGlauflin and his daughter are very close. Andy, a single father, considers Sarah “the light of his life,” and he hopes to spend many more years in her life.

Below is an excerpt from a letter Sarah wrote to her father last year, while he was very ill in the hospital. Fortunately, Andy received his transplant this month, and is recovering well.

Hey Daddy,

In life, we fight to live, but live to die. I don’t quite understand it, but I have no need to question it. I figure, just let the good times roll as they come. Show me my lessons from my mistakes, reward me with laughter when I make the right choices and hinder me with tears when I need to be disciplined. Time in our bodies is limited, but our souls, if positive and maintained with good choices, will live forever.

You’re my best friend, my daddy, my own little angel.

I trust in God. I believe in what’s going on. My life has changed dramatically in the past 95 days, as has yours. But this life is so precious, too precious to give up on. If you’re strong enough to smile, then you’re strong enough to conquer anything. Love every minute of this life. I know it’s not exactly how we planned, but just trust and believe.

I’m scared of the transplant, but the only choice I have is to trust and believe…

I love you more than anything in the world. Don’t be scared. Take my hand. Trust and believe with me. You have a long way to go. God’s with you, and so am I.
Together, we can do this.

I love you,

Your little girl