Hurricane Katrina Survivor Needs Kidney Transplant

September 2, 2009

Joyce Russ has lived a life of turmoil for the past four years. In 2005, Joyce, like many others, was uprooted due to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. Joyce, a native of New Orleans, was forced to evacuate her home and found refuge in Lake Charles with her husband of 46 years.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Joyce and her husband, both retired teachers, were again forced to evacuate the Lake Charles area because of Hurricane Rita. After settling in Georgia, Joyce was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. Doctors say a kidney transplant is her only hope for a second chance at life.

A kidney transplant costs approximately $250,000. And that's only the beginning. Even with health coverage, Joyce faces significant medical expenses. But despite her struggles, Joyce has high hopes for the future. She recently returned to New Orleans with her husband and one of her daughters and is thankful to be back in her hometown. She looks forward to the lifesaving transplant that will allow her to once again participate in her favorite activities, like gardening, cooking and traveling.

To learn more about Joyce, read her bio on the NFT site. To make a donation to help with her soaring medical expenses, click here.