How NFT Helps

October 2, 2008

NFT has been helping transplant candidates and recipients with fundraising campaigns for 25 years. In the past 10 years alone, we have helped raise more than $26 million to assist patients with transplant-related expenses.

Weslynn Bates tells the story of how NFT helped her in this recent article from the Commercial Appeal. After a successful heart transplant eight years ago, Weslynn is living a full and healthy life working and spending time with her family. The money she raised through her fundraising campaign with NFT still helps pay for 17 different post-transplant medications she must take daily.

Weslynn's original fundraisers included a benefit concert, casino night and an auction. With the guidance of NFT fundraising consultants, Weslynn's fundraising volunteers were able to plan and implement the events to raise funds for Weslynn's second chance at life.