Grant for Bone Marrow Transplant Patients

March 17, 2009

If you are a cancer patient who needs a bone marrow transplant, you certainly understand how challenging it can be to search for a matching marrow donor for that lifesaving transplant. It can be even more difficult when your insurance company will pay for the transplant, but refuses to pay for the donor search!

The National Foundation for Transplants not only helps alleviate the financial burdens of transplant patients through fundraising, but also provides grant opportunities for transplant candidates and recipients.

Through a generous partnership with The Linda Tallen and David Paul Kane Foundation for Cancer Research and Education, NFT offers a special grant for cancer patients who need a bone marrow transplant but whose insurance does not cover their donor search.

The grant allows cancer patients greater opportunities to find a bone marrow donor, awarding up to $3,000 for their donor search costs, as well as up to $3,000 for fees related to a marrow donor drive in the patient’s community. A brochure that educates the public about cancer and bone marrow transplants, as well as how to become a marrow donor, is distributed as part of the donor drive.

If you feel that NFT could be helpful to you through our fundraising services or this grant opportunity, please feel free to contact Connie at for more information.