FAQ About the National Foundation for Transplants

February 24, 2010

Every once in a while, we like to post a few frequently asked questions about NFT. To find the answers to more FAQ, visit the NFT Web site.

Who is eligible for NFT's services?
NFT provides services to transplant candidates awaiting organ and/or tissue transplants, as well as patients who have already received their transplants. NFT patients must be U.S. citizens or legally documented residents. We assist patients who need help with out-of-pocket transplant expenses and whose transplants take place in the U.S.

What expenses will NFT cover?
NFT can help with transplant costs; hospital bills and deposits; co-pays; doctors' appointments; medications; caregiver expenses; insurance premiums, temporary mortgage assistance following the transplant; travel, food and lodging expenses; and more.

I already had my transplant. Can NFT help me?
Absolutely! While the best time to fundraise is before transplant, NFT can help patients at any stage. It's easier to communicate the need, gather momentum and maintain enthusiasm among volunteers and donors if fundraising activities begin prior to the transplant. However, many campaigns continue to fundraise post-transplant, and others don't begin fundraising until after transplant.