Family Hitting the Road to Promote Organ Donation

March 24, 2010

After receiving a lifesaving kidney/pancreas transplant in 2003, Mike Greiner and his family are forever grateful for the generosity of Annie, the selfless woman who registered to be an organ donor and saved Mike’s life. Because of Annie’s gift, Mike’s children still have a father to laugh and play with. The Greiner family wants everyone in the United States to understand the incredible need for organ donation, and they have a plan to reach that goal!The family of four—Mike, his wife, Sheri, and their children Levi (12) and Chloe (9)—are taking a year-long journey across the country to raise awareness about organ donation. They’ve been planning the trip for quite some time, and even began homeschooling their children a few years ago in preparation for being away from a traditional school for so long.Sheri tells, “We discovered that not only are we extremely blessed, but we're not guaranteed a tomorrow, and we need to pursue our dreams today. I have always wanted to experience this great country with my family, and we knew that our trip could help people who are waiting for transplants.”To read the full interview with Sheri Greiner, visit