Did you know...

March 19, 2009

Here are some facts that you may not know: 

  • 18 people die each day waiting for a transplant.
  • Every 11 minutes, another name is added to the transplant waiting list.
  • 90% of Americans say they support organ donation, yet only 35% of licensed drivers or ID card holders have enrolled in a state donor registry.
  • 1 organ donor can save the lives of 8 people.
  • Anyone can be an organ donor, regardless of age, race or medical history.
  • All major religions in the United States support organ donation.
  • Organ donors can still have open casket funerals.
  • Organ donation doesn't cost the donor's family any money.
  • If an individual is hospitalized, medical staff will provide the best possible care, whether or not the patient is an organ donor. In fact, the transplant team is completely separate from the medical team and won't even be called unless a patient is declared brain dead.
  • Donors are needed for all ethnic groups. Transplant success rates increase when organs are matched between members of the same ethnic background.