December Patient of the Month: Moksha Colotelo

Moksha Colotelo

Moksha has experienced breathing difficulties related to allergies and asthma since childhood. In her early 30s, she was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), mainly bronchiectasis, but doctors don’t know why she developed the condition. Testing has also shown that she suffers from other lung disorders including evidence of fibrosis and sarcoidosis. A double-lung transplant is essential to her survival. Her case is especially interesting, as doctors and friends say she is the “healthiest looking sick person” they’ve ever met.

Despite her health challenges, Moksha never considered herself truly ill until doctors told her she only had 12-18 months to live—that was more than two years ago. Although she used to love horseback riding, hiking, golf and visiting with her friends, her activities are now limited because she is homebound 90 percent of the time.

One of her greatest loves is ballroom dancing, and her husband, Peter, graciously wears her oxygen machine on his back so they can dance together. They’ve even choreographed special moves that allow her to unwind from the oxygen hose after a turn. She looks forward to breathing normally again after receiving her transplant, and she dreams of being able to travel to visit friends, especially her mother. But right now, she needs your help.

To read more about Moksha, or to make a donation to assist with her expenses, visit her personal fundraising page.