Dancing Queen

October 14, 2014

Karen Ettinger and her twin brother, Kevin, share a special bond, and they went through every step of Karen's transplant journey together.

Kevin spent his career in the fashion industry as a designer specializing in wedding dresses. Throughout the years, he has amassed an impressive collection of antique wedding dresses, and Kevin and his partner, Dave, opened their home and collection for an impressive fundraiser for NFT in Karen’s honor in the fall of 2010.

Karen received her lung transplant on February 1, 2012. Her twin brother, Kevin, flew in from Pennsylvania and sat with her for three weeks straight, never leaving her side. When he left to go home, he made her promise to dance to her favorite song, Dancing Queen, at their niece’s wedding that would be held seven months later. At that wedding reception, Karen heard the DJ say “this one’s for Aunt Karen” while someone handed her the microphone. As she was singing her song, she looked across the room and saw Kevin watching with tears streaming down his face. Everyone moved aside, and she ran across the room into her brother’s arms.

The following year, in November of 2013, Kevin and Dave got married, and Karen was right there with them as a bridesmaid. Kevin even designed her beautiful dress. Most of the guests at the wedding had been at Kevin and Dave’s fundraisers. They had all seen the “before” and were now seeing what a miracle transplantation is. A woman who could barely catch her breath to talk had truly transformed into the Dancing Queen!