Barbecue Awaits the Neon 5K runners

April 7, 2017

by Cindy Wolff, Social Media Volunteer

The three barbecue cooks are (left to right) Dave Hertlein, Josh Gwatney and Dan Colturi.

The best thing about the word “waft” is that it usually means something smells so good it floats along the air and tickles your nose.

At the Lights for Life Neon 5K, the aroma is from 45 pounds of pork shoulder waiting for the runners when they finish.

It’s about 30 minutes until the race begins. But it’s about 11 hours since the cooks rubbed their butts, wrapped them in foil and lighted the hickory chips.

It's the third year for the National Foundation for Transplants 5K race. The wind is a silky 7 mph, the sky is clear, and the sun is headed toward its 7:25 setting.

Over in a grassy corner behind Newk's, three guys, members of two teams that compete in the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Context are getting ready to pull the pork, so it will be ready when the hungry runners get back. Dan Colturi, Dave Hertlein, Josh Gwatney are members of Cotton Pickin’ Porkers and Mid-South Mayhem.