August Patient of the Month

August 16, 2017
NFT Patient of the Month 2017-08-16 10:31

Melissa had her left lobe lung removed when she was just twelve years old, and suffered from fibrosis for the last fifteen years.

Six years ago, she was properly diagnosed with alpha-one trypsin deficiency. Thankfully, Melissa was given a second chance at life when she received a double lung transplant on March 31, 2017!

At the time of her transplant, Melissa was at thirteen percent lung capacity. She has not been able to leave the long term acute care (LTAC) facility for the six weeks leading up to her transplant. Sadly, she is still on a ventilator, and her kidneys have shut down. She is currently on dialysis.

During this difficult time, she is thankful for the love and support from her friends and family. Melissa’s husband, Bruce, is a disabled veteran, and they have twin children, Tyler and Skyler, who are fifteen years old. Her family is deeply worried about Melissa. She misses playing cards, going for walks, and raising her children. She’d love to be able to go to college, because she never got a chance to pursue her career due to illness. When her condition improves, Melissa and Bruce would like to adopt a thirteen year old girl.

To read more about Melissa or to make a donation in her honor, visit her personal fundraising page.