30 Rock Actor Needs Kidney Transplant

December 18, 2009

According to a People.com article, 30 Rock actor Grizz Chapman needs a kidney transplant. He has been battling severe hypertension and recently learned a transplant is critical to his survival. Before he can be added to the transplant waiting list, he must lose 75 pounds to become a viable organ transplant recipient.

Chapman is facing a challenging and frightening health crisis that more than 105,000 Americans are also facing. Sadly, 18 people will die each day without receiving a second chance at life. This may seem like a startling number, but the truth is there is a national shortage of organ donors. Unless more people are willing to become organ donors, the number of patients waiting for lifesaving transplants will only increase day by day. In fact, a new name is added to the list every 11 minutes.

Like so many others, Chapman wants nothing more than to spend many more years with his friends and family, and he is ready for the fight of his life. "Whatever I can do for the longevity of my life, I'm going to do," he told People Magazine.

Please take the time to consider becoming an organ and tissue donor. You could truly save the life of someone suffering from a life-threatening illness. To accept the Transplant Challenge and become an organ donor, visit the NFT Transplant Challenge Web site. If you’d like to sign up to become a bone marrow donor, visit the Be the Match Registry.