2012 Transplant List

February 4, 2013

We are so happy for our patients who received lifesaving transplants last year. Many people don't realize that even after receiving a tranpslant--the biggest hurdle to overcome--patients face a lifetime of follow-up care and medications. At NFT, we're here for them as long as they need us, and we're honored to be a part of so many transplant journeys.

The following NFT patients are celebrating new birthdays this year!

Frances Nicholson, Liver
Jason Smith, Pancreas
Aaron Wolsey, Bone marrow
Liz Rieckmann, Double lung
Dayna Beikirch, Stem cell
Anthony Marino, Heart *
Gerald Younkin, Lung
Joanne Sullivan, Stem cell
Pamela Hicks, Heart *
Michelle Smith, Heart/Double lung
Marika Woltil, Pancreas
Barry Rose, Liver
Edith Mitchell, Double lung
Michael Dennison, Kidney

Karen Ettinger, Double lung
Jerry Powell, Kidney
Nick Madril, Kidney
Debbie Manderson, Kidney
Sheree Thomas, Kidney
Pablo Rosales, Liver
Malinda Brown, Double lung
Barbara Smith, Kidney
Manuel Armijo, Heart
Alexander Berman, Stem cell
Susan Newton, Islet cell
Jaquilyn Shaw , Kidney
Michael Trad, Kidney
Jose Fermin, Liver
Gaylord Hampton, Liver
Tammy Muth, Bone marrow *
Gregory Zill, Kidney
Vanessa Michael, Kidney
Dianna Brown, Lung
Lillie Pollard, Kidney

Tom Savage, Liver
Craig Foster, Kidney
Daniel Rubio, Kidney
Joseph Manteiga, Liver
Barbara James, Kidney
Amby Burum, Kidney/Pancreas
Pamela Marlowe, Liver
Broncella McCree, Kidney
Jose Rosales, Heart
Beth Myers, Stem cell
Theresa Martin, Liver

Rick Brakefield, Kidney
Jason Buchbinder, Kidney
Concepcion Guerrero, Double lung
Louis Malaquias, Liver
April Lambert, Kidney *
Penny Morales, Bone marrow
Morgan Keller, Bone marrow
Donna Boudreau, Double lung *
Olga Rivera, Kidney

Monique Gesualdi, Liver
Billy Cox, Double lung
Vielka Chavarria, Liver
Quintion Little, Kidney/Pancreas
Andy Mills, Kidney/Pancreas
Gloria Rogers, Kidney
Kurt Garrett, Liver
Aubrie Miller, Heart
Noel Smith, Liver
Mitchell Player, Kidney/Heart

Sheila Rice, Kidney
Jeffrey Roche, Liver
Brie Mathews, Heart/Liver *
Christine Manning, Kidney
Gertrude Jones, Kidney
Tom Badgett, Heart
Hepsi Zsoldos, Stem cell *
Stephen Dickter, Bone marrow *
Mallary Hayes-Barnes, Double Lung
Olga Foxworth, Kidney
Terri O'Neill, Heart
Gwendolyn Hunt, Kidney
Tessa Wornell, Double lung
Bryan Sumler, Liver
Veronica Chase, Double lung
Paul Partington, Bone marrow
Josie Jordan, Kidney
Diane Harold, Stem cell

Stephanie Lindstrom, Heart/Liver/Kidney
Paul Adkins, Lung
Brenda Pryor, Kidney
Kurt Vandenheuvel, Heart
Faith Walker, Kidney
Walter Dahn, Heart
Joyce Daniels, Lung
Nate Lomax, Kidney
Michelle Green, Double lung
Robert B. Brown, Double lung
Cheryl Highsmith, Kidney
Christine Newmyer, Kidney/Pancreas
Bob Ulinski, Liver
Travis Kelleher, Kidney

Lee Batson, Stem cell
Orlan Holmes, Lung
Terri Watkins, Liver
Angie Gonzalez, Heart
Duncan Butler, Kidney
Dean Quade, Kidney
Jim Fortenberry, Heart
Amy Gray Light, Kidney
David Gilbert, Double Lung
James Plunkett, Kidney
John Valchine, Kidney

Juan Ramirez, Kidney/Pancreas
Billie Helton, Heart/Double lung
Adelia Harris, Heart
Paula Richards, Liver
Gintaras Sanborn, Kidney/Pancreas
Hector Velazquez, Kidney

Chantay Evans-Glisson, Double lung
Rob Nance, Liver
Messan Esse, Liver/Heart
David Messamore, Liver
V. Burrow-Chrestman, Lung
Korey LaJoie, Stem cell
Roger Maddox, Liver
Scott Erickson, Lung
Rob Rasmussen, Kidney

Michael Frandsen, Kidney
Carol Craig, Lung
Manny Corrao, Heart
Lester Billings, Kidney
Jim Kirk, Lung
Patrick McGowan, Lung
Larry Ferguson, Lung
Rod Gilbert, Liver
Leslie Rheinheimer, Liver

Saphronia Rushing, Bone marrow
Ryan Naismith, Heart
Jack Guarriello, Liver
Marie Mistretta, Kidney/Liver
Janis Williams, Lung

* We’re sad to say these patients lost their health battles after receiving their transplants. Our hearts go out to their families and friends.