• Ericka & Joe

    When an impromptu conversation leads to a perfect match.

    An impromptu conversation with an old friend during church service one Sunday, led to the perfect match of a donor and recipient who needed a kidney transplant. Joe Mosqeda entered the church and decided to sit next to long-time, family friend, Ericka Hughes-Hale. While waiting on service to start, Ericka casually turned to Joe and asked about his blood type?

    Joe, who has been waiting on a match for years, responded that...

  • Siblings Get Rare Lung Transplants

    Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford, CA is the only hospital on the West coast to perform lung transplants on children. According to their website, in the last 30 years, they’ve only done 25 of the surgeries which includes the latest two on the Diaz siblings, a boy and a girl, at 8 and 9 years of age.

    Big sister, Doris Diaz, now 11 was the first to receive her transplant at the age of 8. Both children were born with a severe form of cystic fibrosis that caused...

  • Paul Hyman

    In 1987, Paul Hyman underwent a heart transplant at the age of 20 and is awaiting confirmation from Guiness World Records as the longest surviving heart transplant patient. Paul, now 49, said, “Getting this heart was the greatest gift anyone in the world could receive. It’s a miracle.”

    Before his surgery on December 17, 1987, he was told he would be lucky to see Christmas” if he did not have the operation. With each passing day, Paul says he takes it all in...

  • Michelle Gilchrist, NFT President

    Andy Meek of The Daily News sits down with NFT president, Michelle Gilchrist, to talk about NFT's future expansion plans.  Gilchrist discusses the next chapter for the organization and the rebranding efforts which will lead to NFT becoming more visible in the community.  "The big work we want to be able to do is going to require more than just us doing it. That’s just the reality,” Gilchrist said. “We’re also looking to make sure we do our level...

  • NFT Patient of the Month 2017-04-12 12:23

    There are amazing doctors all around the world making miracles happen every day with the gifts of organ donors.  (Taken from http://www.zmescience.com/other/great-pics/zbigniew-religa-picture/)


    National Geographic chose this as the best picture of 1987, and for good reason. Here, we see Dr. Zbigniew Religa keeping watch on the vital signs of a patient after a 23-hour heart surgery he conducted. In the lower right corner, you can see one of his colleagues who...

  • By Cindy Wolff, Social Media Volunteer

    Carson Manseau won the National Foundation for Transplants Lights for Life Neon 5K. His friends, Cy Leffingwell (left) and Brett Raley (right) finished second and third, respectively. 

    Carson Manseau, an 18-year-old senior at Collierville High School, was the winner of the National Foundation for Transplants Lights for Life Neon 5K. He finished the race in 20:48. Two of his best friends followed; Cy...

  • By Cindy Wolff, Social Media Volunteer

    There were 238 runners in this year's Lights for Life Neon 5K. Thirty-four registered a few hours before the race.

    There were 47 spirit runners, which are people who buy T-shirts and show their support. It was a beautiful night, with a 3.1-mile route through a tree-lined neighborhood with a mix of old and new homes. The neighbors in this quiet area of East Memphis welcomed our participants, who ran and walked...

  • The Race is on

    April 7, 2017

    By Cindy Wolff, Social Media Volunteer

    Any other day, she is Gina Castellaw. Today at the NFT Neon 5K, she's NiFTy

  • by Cindy Wolff, Social Media Volunteer

    The three barbecue cooks are (left to right) Dave Hertlein, Josh Gwatney and Dan Colturi.

    The best thing about the word “waft” is that it usually means something smells so good it floats along the air and tickles your nose.

    At the Lights for Life Neon 5K, the aroma is from 45 pounds of pork shoulder waiting for the runners when they finish.

    It’s about 30 minutes until the race...

  • Patrick Taylor with his family

    by Cindy Wolff, Social Media Volunteer

    Photo: Patrick Taylor with his family, (left to right) his daughter, Charlotte, his wife Robin and youngest daughter, Mary Michael.

    Last year, Patrick Taylor didn’t run in the National Foundation for Transplants 5K, a reason that was anything but typical.  Seven weeks prior to the race, Taylor received a heart transplant.

    He’ll be back at this year’s 5k stronger and better....