July 2012

  • Stacy and Jason Bingham of Haines, Ore., already endured the arduous transplant waiting list until their oldest daughter, Sierra, now 12, found a match for a new heart.

    Now, they may have four more rounds on the list to undergo. All five of their children have been diagnosed with genetic heart abnormalities.

    For now, only one of the children, who is being cared for at Lucille Packard Children’s...

  • Last month, 11 of our patients received lifesaving transplants! We're so excited for them, and we wish them the very best in their recoveries.

  • NFT Patient of the Month 2012-07-19 09:53

    In 2008, Paula donated blood and received the shocking news that she was suffering from hepatitis C, which she contracted from a blood transfusion in 1987.

    She underwent treatment for two years, and doctors say a liver transplant is critical to her survival. She has no health insurance and can’t even be evaluated for a transplant until she has health...