September 2010

  • NFT Patient of the Month David Frasier

    Around Easter of 2009, David Fraser and his family had just arrived at the beach for vacation when he had a seizure while unpacking the car. He was rushed to the hospital, and was soon transported to a larger hospital in Orlando, where he stayed for nearly a week.

    For the next few months, numerous tests and procedures were done until doctors discovered David was suffering from liver disease. Doctors told him a liver...

  • The following article is from the August 23, 2010 edition of People magazine.

    Anh Reiss was headed to the gym in February 2009 when she got the call that changed her life. Test results held unimaginable news: She had a rare blood disorder and perhaps only six months to live. Her only hope, her doctor told her, was a bone marrow transplant that could restore her ravaged immune system. But Reiss learned to her dismay that she had a far slimmer chance than many Americans of...

  • We are so happy for our patients who received lifesaving transplants last month! We wish them the very best in their recoveries.

  • Today, a team of organ transplant surgeons and doctors from the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle will attempt to host the hospital’s first ever live social media web stream from Mount Rainier to promote the importance of an organ donation. The stream (available on the Swedish Medical Center website) will start today at 5 p.m. (GMT) and conclude at 6 p.m. (GMT)....

  • This week, Willie Kemp, whose mother needs a lifesaving kidney transplant, was featured on WREG's Pass It On segment.

    A dedicated University of Memphis supporter chose to track Willie down to let him know that Tiger nation is supporting him through this difficult time.